The ‘1-iron’ should be noted: that is the reason he’s writing the articles and you absorb them. At the Buick Open it’s worth noting his top six:1. Second Place is Tiger Woods2. First Place is Vijay Singh

3. Tied for forty fifty place is Billy Mayfair

4. Tied for twelfth place is Chris Dimarco

5. Tied for sixth place is Jim Furyk

6. Tied for twelfth place is Geoff Ogilvy

On his way to be the first Buick Open three times winner, it should be noted that Vijay Singh beat Tiger Woods soundly on Saturday. Although Woods attempted a Sunday charge, he appeared quite upset on Saturday as Singh took up the gauntlet to an advantage following the first six holes, of an eight shot tournament. Woods was so stable in the last few weeks that this has really been an interesting inroad into his protective wall. Whether an amalgamation of the Bridges Battle, heat and force of the Tom Izzo professional-am, ‘1-rion’ mulls, is connected in any manner with the unstable play displayed by Woods. That’s without taking into account that it’s hard for anyone – even the best in the world, to cast onto the board four rounds of sub-65 golf. The beginning of the 71-61 round reminded us of how incredible and overpowering Woods can be at the time when he’s leading, but Singh’s 65-66-63-70 recalled the remainder of the PGA Tour is not going to terminate very fast.   

 The Current Week:By Prince…’When doves Cry’ to the rhythm of…..To refresh: The Modified Stableford Scoring Format:

Eight points plus Double EagleFive points plus EagleTwo points plus BirdieZero points ParOne point: Bogey

Three more points: double bogey or more

All one hundred and forty four competitors take part on Thursday.

All one hundred and forty four competitors take part, and the field at the end of play is narrowed down to seventy on Friday.

Seventy players take part, and the field is narrowed down to thirty six at the termination of play on Saturday.

Thirty six players take part; and all scores are cumulative on Sunday.

‘1-iron’ is enamored with this golf course, personally speaking – he simply adores it! Nevertheless, the possibility to play at Castle Pines was diminished significantly this week when his girl friend’s maid of honor made the decision to finish with her fiancé, who was ‘1-iron’’s only connection to getting aboard the desired path. It’s all a bit disappointing, but just remember ‘1-iron’ as he starts on his journey to bring together the two big possible hopes for the opportunity to get to a Castle Pines game.

International Picks and Odds: Eighteen ShotsThe six in the running:

  1. Davis Love III 15 to 1: The 2003 and 1990 champion has returned sniffing for a third win at Castel Pines. In 2003, his forty six points were a signal that Love definitely understands this type golf competition. Love III seems to Castle Pines a good performance.
  2. Mathias Gronberberg 3 to 1: Mathias Gronberg – did you hear that? At last year’s International a T9 and that presents him as a sound choice when you understand that in the last three matches, he’s moved (BC), T29 ((Milwaukee) and T32 (Buick), and showing a great current game.
  3. Phil Mickelson 8 to 1: Phil Mick seemed to me to take all three weeks prior to a major to get in a course practice. It seems that this is not quite so as he takes off this week to Colorado. The champ from 1993 and 1997 appears to smash his 1997 forty eight score record. ‘1-iron’ asks only question: prior to the major is Phil focusing this week, and don’t forget he’s the 2000 runner-up as he was in 1998 too.
  4. Chris Dimarco 15 to 1: this is the Buick’s tank job. Holding his third place and on his way to the final round on Sunday, Chris had the possibility to put real pressure on Zach Johnson and end up with a top three win for the week. No it didn’t work out. It simply collapsed like a house of straw. Never mind, he’s great at the Internation. He’s kept his position in the best six, and three in the previous four years, and is now getting ready this week for second best major.
  5. Tom Pernice Jr. 3 to 1: the champ from 2001 is arriving at a Buick missed cut week. Nevertheless, he’s come out top in this tournament and ended alone last year as second. This year he’s got five top twenty five’s and prior to Buick was showing quite a good performance.  
  6. Jose Maria Olazabal 50 to 1: Finishing last year at T12, Ollie won the 1991 golf competition. This year Ollie’s playing great when three weeks ago with five Top 10’s triumphed by his St Andrews T3. At Castle he’ll always show his best and there won’t be any change this year.

Six Who are able:

  1. Bob Tway 60 to 1: Tway has rejuvenated in a certain manner in 2005. He’s triumphed with the three top 10’s and holds his own at fifty third on the Money List. Last year he finished T9 and in 2003 T10. Watch carefully this week the 1986 PGA victor. 
  2. Steve Lowery 3 to 1: When he missed out on the Saturday cut terribly the previous year we all had a disappointment, yet he has given us in International history several significant events. The hole outs on fifteen (Eagle) and seventeen (Double Eagle in 2002 are simply unforgettable especially by ‘1-iron’. In that mythological 2002 edition he was the runner up and champion in 1994.
  3. Kevin Sutherland 100 to 1: Bagels go for it! At this T12 tournament in the previous year, Bagels ends up with golf that can be described as nothing more than mediocre. This year he’s only missed out on two cuts, but I did anticipate much more. In birdies he fifty third so at least the hole gets his ball.
  4. Retief Goosen 10 to 1: It is strange that this week the Goose is teeing. I’ve got a certain feeling that the residents in Denver are appreciative that Goose will provide for them that appealing character this week. As being the 2003 runner-up and is concentrating on taking at Baltusrol the PGA. In any case, this week I’m not going to place a wager against him.
  5. Sergio Garcia 12 to 1: A few months back he was a winner at the Booz Allen Classic as well as seven Top 10’s. Denver will be seeing Sergio straight from a T5 at Saint Andrews and this year he’s terrific. In 2002 he got eighteenth place and in 2003 thirty eighth place. This is quite unlike any contest connected to El Nino. So it’s best to keep him well monitored.
  6. Nick Dougherty 75 to 1: He’s going to succeed here. He’ll make a hit at Baltusrol. Whenever he tees up he’ll succeed. This week one of Europe’s best opens his American debut. He should be aiming at a winning at Baltusrol next week as eighteenth Euro Order of Merit. Monitor him, he’s only twenty three years old. 

    Six Players who will not:
  7. Esteban Toledo 3 to 1 Field: The ‘Mexicali’ man will be in full swing, however, ‘1-iron’ believes that Castle will be too overpowering for the short Toledo hitter. Last year he missed the Cut, and in 2003 he ended up T56, and in 2002 he ended up T30. The ‘1-iron’ numbers back.
  8. Rich Beem 3 to 1 Field: Beemer is full of gas, however there’s not too much ethanol in the tank only a lot of diesel oil. Although he is the champion of 2002, except for this year at Atlanta, we’ve moved over to a more sophisticated model. He missed the previous nine cuts and he must be number ten this coming week.
  9. Jeff Maggert 125 to 1: This year’s five Top twenty five players; excels in majors but has not participated in the International since 2000 when he reached T63 position. It doesn’t look too promising this week, but next week we’ll discuss that.
  10. Ben Crane 40 to 1: It’s not even imaginable to look at this guy from above. This week he’s going to be in charge of breathing problems connected to playing slowly. As I mentioned some weeks back, he’s found himself a weird problem. His playing is fine, however, he’s so incredibly slow. Two weeks back he won the US Bank and missed the cut at his recent 2003 International. So now he’s returned this week to reality.
  11.  Fred Couples 40 to 1: Freddie has never won or attained second place at Castle Pines in his entire playing life. At the British Saint Andrews, he was T3 which should have led him on to the PGA, however, this is not Fred’s type of tournament. It was a T34 for Fred at his last tournament in 2003. This week boom-boom may miss a cut.
  12. John Cook 3 to 1 Field: He’s really playing very nicely and coming in to the 2005 edition and he’s the 1987 International champ. This year he’s topped three twenty fives and at the Buick Open he attained T18. In 2004 he reached T24 and in 2001 he reached T42. I won’t select him due to any nostalgic whim.  

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