Thanks to modern technology, bingo can now also be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home at any time of the day or night, by playing it online. Internet bingo sites are on the increase and many online casinos also offer the game.

You can even play with players from all over the world as they meet in cyber bingo halls. There is a wide range of websites for playing bingo both for free or for a fee but with cash prizes.

As an online bingo player, you must usually first register with a website offering virtual bingo. In most cases you will have to download the bingo game in order to play it. If it’s a free online bingo game you can often start playing immediately.

If you want to play bingo for cash with the chance to win the big bingo Jackpot, you must first deposit money into an account with the online casino or bingo site that you have chosen to use. Many bingo gaming sites reward players for depositing money by crediting them with matching deposit bonuses. When bingo players have money on their account and have bought their bingo cards then they are ready to play bingo!

Many Internet bingo sites also have chat rooms for those who are keen to keep the personal touch of contact between the players. The bingo host is also usually available for chatting, which can be quite handy in situations where the player needs help with the bingo game.

To find out more about where to play bingo online, including details of the sites that offer online bingo games, visit our Top Bingo Sites page.

Where To Play Bingo – Live Bingo
Most major cities in the UK have at least one bingo Hall, where you can win cash prizes. These are usually part of a large chain of bingo halls, and you can often play for a “national bingo jackpot” as well as the for smaller cash prizes that will be offered by your local bingo hall.

Bingo is also often played at fundraising events for old people’s day centres or children’s clubs –although sometimes with sponsored prizes instead of cash prizes. Keep a look out for fundraising bingo games in your local newspaper.

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